• Stop Creditors harassing phone calls
  • Stop Creditors law suits for old credit card debts
  • Save your car
  • Save your home
  • Provide relief so you can balance your budget
  • End Leases & Contracts you can't afford
  • Help you stop spending your time on creditors and instead focus on making changes.


  • All property acquired during marriage is assumed to be community property Community property does not have to be divided equally
  • Property owned before marriage, or inherited should be separate property. Texas does enforce properly drafted and executed prenuptial agreements.
  • Texas does not have alimony, but in some cases there maybe limited spousal support Texas does require both parents to provide for the child. Child support is normally determined by income, or other assets


A will is a document that if properly drawn and executed a court will recognize and enforce if necessary. It is best to get a will drawn by an attorney as "one size fits all" is not a good decision. If a person fails to make a will the State has made arrangements to divide property based on certain guidelines. This gives the State the decisions in that estate. A Trust is a legal means to provide distribution of one's estate when one wishes to avoid probate of their estate, or wishes to provide direction in the long term pay out of their estate. A well drafted trust may prevent future creditors of your heirs from seizing the property left for the care of your family. Probate is the legal procedure by which a court allows a Will of a deceased person to be implemented with the full faith and power of the court. A court can give orders that any bank or business holding the property of a deceased person turn the property over to the Executor appointed in the will.

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